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Everyone who lives in Putnam Valley is a stakeholder in its future.


The mission of PVRC is to unite the town of Putnam Valley in protecting its rural character.

There are many reasons to do this:

To protect our wells and water supply.

To ensure that our lakes are carefully managed and remain a source of enjoyment

To prevent the needless destruction of trees, historic buildings and stone walls, scenic views and ridgelines.

To protect the winding roads and streams that characterize our town, which is situated within the Hudson Highlands, and to assure the quality of life we now enjoy.

To encourage local economies.

To prevent spiraling taxes by encouraging land protection, which is the best way to limit government expenditure on services and keep our schools sustainable.

Our active goals are:

To publicly advocate on behalf of stakeholders in the town on issues related to our mission

To limit development except where environmentally feasible

To monitor proposed developments to assure that best practices are in place from  the beginning of a project to its completion

To promote passive recreation

To advocate for the protection of wildlife corridors

To encourage the use of technologies that limit storm water run-off and actively oppose projects that would affect our lakes, streams and wetlands, compromise our steep slopes, or in any way contribute to erosion and flooding.

To insist that zoning laws be enforced, particularly as they relate to the quality of life issues: eliminating visual eyesores, noise, traffic, and light pollution

To educate our elected officials and community on issues of critical importance brought to us by our membership regarding the environment, sustainable energy, taxes, impending development etc …

To build a community that is educated, involved and committed to protecting the rural character of Putnam Valley


We have been active since 2002. We need your help to continue our mission.  To enroll  as a PVRC member, please click on enroll.