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Please be advised that the next meeting of the Planning Board will be held at Town Hall, 265 Oscawana Lake Road on Monday December 16, 2013, for the purpose of considering the following applications:

Regular Meeting Start Time: 6:00pm



The following public hearings have been scheduled for December 16, 2013 at 6:00PM (or as soon thereafter as agenda conditions permit) at the Putnam Valley Town Hall, 265 Oscawana Lake Road, Putnam Valley, New York, 10579. All interested parties are invited to attend and will be heard. A copy of the application materials and plans may be inspected during normal business hours at the office of the Planning Board Clerk, Town of Putnam Valley Town Hall.

1. Casin, Esteban, 10 Finnerty Place
(TM#85.9-1-17/File: 2013-0120)

The applicant is proposing to convert a basement to an accessory apartment. The subjects property consist of + 25.28 acres of land and is located on Finnerty Place and within the R-2 Zoning District.


2. Rose Hill Cemetery, 101 Mill Street
(TM# 84.-2-35, 25/File: 2013-0111)

The applicant is proposing to expand the existing Rose Hill Cemetery by grading
an area for approximately 1,888 new burial sites. The applicant is also proposing the construction of a ±1,180 l.f. access road and stormwater management facilities. The subject property consists of ±59.6 acres of land and is located on Mill Street and within the PD Zoning District.

3. Fisher/ Albert-Elinor Place
(TM# 83.72-1-7/File 2013-0117)

The subject property totals ±1.27 acres, ±1 acre of which is located in the Town of Philipstown and contains a single-family residence; with the exception of a driveway, the remaining 0.27 acres located in the Town of Putnam Valley is vacant. The owner, John Albert, is proposing a 2-lot subdivision and intends on selling a portion of his property to Arthur Fisher (the applicant) to allow access to Mr. Fisher’s parcel located in the Town of Philipstown.

4. Nikgjonaj, Nikolla, 376 Peekskill Hollow Road
(TM# 73.-2-24/File 2013-0121)

The applicant is proposing the construction of a single-family residence on
+42.89 acres of land located on Peekskill Hollow Road and within the R-3
Zoning District.


5. Amend Resolution- #R 05-62


6. Fiorentino, Annette, Wiccopee Road
(TM: 41.-2-14/ File: 2012-0093)

The applicant is proposing a 7-lot subdivision on ±57.4 acres of land located on
Wiccopee Road and within the CD Zoning District.


7. Bock, Richard- Far Reach Trail
(TM: 50.20-1-50/File: 2011-0090)

8. Kisslinger, Robert-West Shore Drive
(TM: 62.6-1-3,4 & 5/File: 2013-0112)


9. Approve Minutes of November 18, 2013

10. Approve Planning Board Calendar for 2014