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Brook Letter to PV Residents

Dear Putnam Valley Residents,

We live in one of the fastest growing communities in New York State and the high density development that has occurred and continues to be proposed by land developers and some government officials is a serious threat to our quality of life.

Many vital issues face our community. Among them are concerns of water and the sustainability of the aquifer, destruction of habitat and historical structures, environmental pollution, traffic and safety, lack of architectural guidelines and the availability of affordable housing of senior citizens.

Because, we, the residents of Putnam Valley are deeply concerned about all of these issues, we have formed an umbrella organization called the Putnam Valley Residents Coalition or PVRC. The purpose of this coalition is to be able to bring to our town board a single voice which calls for preservation of our quality of life, natural resources and our much coveted country environment.

We currently have 395 members - please join us and become a member of the Putnam Valley Residents' Coalition and to help insure all homeowners a safe and high-quality neighborhood environment through adherence to the principles of sound zoning and sustainable growth.

Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope to see you at our next meeting.