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By Laws

  1. The name of the corporation shall be Putnam ValleyResidents' Coalition.
  2. Putnam Valley Residents' Coalition shall consist of themembership, an Executive Board and an Advisory Board of Putnam Valleyresidents.
  3. The geographic area that Putnam Valley Residents' Coalitionwill concern itself with shall be that area within the Town of PutnamValley.
  4. Putnam Valley Residents' Coalition shall not be affiliatedwith any political party.
  5. Putnam Valley Residents' Coalition shall:
    1. address the concerns of the community on a town-widebasis;
    2. provide a non-partisan organization for citizens to aircommunity concerns and through consensus seek to help implementconstructive solutions;
    3. ensure a safe and high-quality neighborhood environmentthrough adherence to the principles of sound zoning and planning;
    4. cooperate with government in helping to resolvecommunity problems;
    5. monitor the activities of elected and appointedgovernment officials and agencies to ensure they are responsive tocitizens' concerns whether these are individual, neighborhood, area ortown-wide;
    6. offer assistance and/or information to individualcitizens and homeowner groups, and provide programs for members and thegeneral public which feature speakers with the expertise to cover awide range of topics.
  1. Any adult residing within the Town of Putnam Valley shallbe eligible for membership.
  2. Putnam Valley Residents' Coalition Executive or AdvisoryBoard members should not serve on, or must take a leave of absence fromsuch boards, if elected, or appointed to, or are announced candidatesfor political or governmental positions such as town or county boardsand/or departments. No member is precluded from voluntary participationwith other Putnam Valley citizens on town advisory committees.

    Section A - Nomination & ElectionProcedures
  1. The Executive Board shall consist of up to eleven (11)members elected by the membership.
  2. Executive Board members are elected at the annualmembership meeting scheduled in the fall of each year. Members must benotified at least one month prior to the annual meeting and be sent thenames of nominees recommended by the current Executive Board. Includedin the mailing shall be proxy cards, an informational newsletter, and anotice that members may nominate, prior to or at the annual meeting,candidates other than those submitted by the Executive Board. The finalslate to be voted on may consist of members at large, and/or ExecutiveBoard members meriting reelection.
  3. All voting shall be by secret ballot. After voting iscompleted, proxy cards received by or on the annual meeting date areimmediately counted in public, along with the ballots cast by those inattendance. The three (3) candidates receiving the largest number ofvotes shall be elected.
  4. If an Executive Board member does not serve the full term,whatever the reason, the Executive Board shall choose a replacement toserve for the remainder of that term. For this reason, or if there areadditional vacancies on the Executive Board, it is possible that morethan three candidates for the Executive Board shall be chosen at theannual meeting. As in paragraph 3, above, the candidates receiving thelargest number of votes shall be elected.
    Section B - Duties
  1. The Executive Board shall have the power to manage andcontrol the affairs and property of Putnam Valley Residents' Coalition.It shall have full power to adopt rules and regulations governing theactions of the Board, but is not required to do so. All actions ordecisions taken by the Executive Board must conform to ARTICLE IX whichdefines QUORUM.
  2. The Executive Board shall meet regularly. The lack ofquorum is not an impediment to holding a board meeting. If a quorum isnot present, the Board may propose a decision or action which may laterbe ratified in conformity with ARTICLE IX-QUORUM.
  3. The Executive Board shall elect the Officers of PutnamValley Residents' Coalition (see Article IV) to serve for one year.Executive Board members may also serve as Officers, and may removeOfficers with or without cause. (see Article IX)
  4. The Executive Board may appoint any qualified individual(see Article VI) to serve on the Advisory Board.
  5. The Executive Board shall not contravene Putnam ValleyResidents' Coalition by-laws.
  1. The officers of Putnam Valley Residents' Coalition shall bea President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such other officers, if any,including one or more vice presidents as the Executive Board may fromtime to time appoint. One person may hold more than one office inPutnam Valley Residents' Coalition, except the offices of President andSecretary. No instruments requiring more than one officer's signaturemay be signed by a person serving in more than one capacity.
  2. The officers of Putnam Valley Residents' Coalition shall beelected or reelected at the regularly scheduled Executive Board meetingheld following the annual membership meeting.
  3. In case of any vacancy in any office, a successor to fillthe unexpired portion of the term may be elected by the remainingExecutive Board members. Mill Street Home
  4. The President shall preside at all membership and ExecutiveBoard meetings. The President shall have overall supervision of theaffairs of Putnam Valley Residents' Coalition. The President shall keepthe Executive Board fully informed and shall freely consult boardmembers concerning the activities of Putnam Valley Residents'Coalition. The President shall have the power to sign all contracts forPutnam Valley Residents' Coalition authorized by the Executive Board,unless the Executive Board shall require an additional signature. ThePresident shall perform such other duties as shall be assigned by theExecutive Board.
  5. The Vice President(s) shall have such powers and duties asmay be assigned by the Executive Board. In the absence of thePresident, a Vice President, in the order designated by the ExecutiveBoard, or another member of the Executive Board, chosen by that Board,if necessary, shall perform the duties of the President.
  6. The Secretary shall take minutes at all Putnam ValleyResidents' Coalition membership and Executive Board meetings,distribute them accordingly, and shall keep a set of minutes for therecord. The Secretary shall give and serve all notices of Putnam ValleyResidents' Coalition and perform all the duties customarily incident tothis office, or assigned by and subject to the control of the ExecutiveBoard.
  7. The Treasurer shall have the custody of all funds andsecurities of the Coalition. The Treasurer shall keep or cause to bekept full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements of PutnamValley Residents' Coalition and shall deposit all monies and othervaluable effects of the Coalition in the name and to the credit ofPutnam Valley Residents' Coalition in such banks or depositories as theExecutive Board may designate. The Treasurer, at regular monthlyExecutive Board meetings, shall render a statement of accounts, shallat all reasonable times exhibit Putnam Valley Residents' Coalitionfinancial records and accounts to any Officer or Executive Board memberrequesting such, and shall perform all duties incident to the positionof Treasurer subject to the control of the Executive Board.
  1. The membership shall meet annually.
  2. The membership shall elect the Executive Board
  3. Membership actions must be approved in conformity with thedefinition of QUORUM for the membership as stated in ARTICLE IX. Proxyvotes may be taken in accordance with Section 609 of the Not-for-ProfitCorporation law.
  4. The membership cannot take an action prohibited to it, orin contradiction of these by-laws.
  1. The Advisory Board shall consist of experts in particularareas, such as: law, government, engineering, public relations,architecture, traffic, taxes, planning, zoning, health and safety andthe environment. These exerts shall be appointed by the ExecutiveBoard. Their terms shall be open-ended. They may be removed with orwithout cause.
  2. The Advisory Board shall advise the membership and/or theExecutive Board on matters of concern to Putnam Valley Residents'Coalition.

Any parliamentary question shall be resolved by Robert's Rules ofOrder.


These by-laws can be amended by a two-third (2/3) vote of a quorum ofthe membership or by a majority vote of a quorum of Executive Boardmembers. Written notification by regular U.S. mail of proposed by-lawchanges, additions, etc. must be sent at least one (1) month in advanceof the scheduled voting taking place at the Putnam Valley Residents'Coalition annual meeting.


A quorum for an executive board meeting shall be a majority of thetotal Executive Board, not simply those present. All actions ordecisions by the Executive Board must conform to this definition.Should an action or decision be deemed urgent and a quorum not bepresent, those in attendance shall have their names and votes recorded.Only when all remaining Executive Board members are contacted and theirnames and votes recorded can it be judged that a quorum exists - themajority of the total Executive Board.


    Section A
  1. All meetings of the membership shall be open to the public.All meetings of the Executive Board shall be open to all members ofPutnam Valley Residents' Coalition and occasional guests whose concernsand information are germane to the work of Putnam Valley Residents'Coalition.
  2. An annual meeting shall be held in the fall of each year inorder to fill vacancies in the Executive Board, provide a report to themembers, and address other items of interest to members. Writtennotification of such to the membership by the Executive Board ismandatory at least one (1) month prior to the Putnam Valley Residents'Coalition annual meeting (see Section B - Duties of the ExecutiveBoard).

Special membership meetings may be held upon the call of the ExecutiveBoard. Written notification by regular U.S. mail of special meetingsmust be sent at least ten (10) days in advance.


No member of Putnam Valley Residents' Coalition shall use the name ofthe organization or otherwise purport to act in or appear on itsbehalf, or confer its endorsement of any position, or person withoutthe authorization of the Executive Board.

Adopted____________, 2002